Project: These are our kids

Organisation: Centre For Excellence

These Are Our Kids is a collaboration between the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors with a focus on how we can advocate for the best support for children who have experienced, or are experiencing, family violence. The project has developed an evidence-based, lived-experience informed campaign with an aim to raise awareness of the impacts of family violence for children and young people both in the short term and over the course of their lifetime. 

Despite the number of children and young people exposed to family violence and the extensive evidence base highlighting the short- and long- term impacts of family violence on children and young people, they are still largely overlooked in public conversations about family violence.

Children are invisible or silent victims of family violence
Family violence has lasting mental health impacts for children and young people.
Current family violence responses are not adequate for children and young people
Family violence is connected to the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children and young people in the child protection system
Current family violence responses are not adequate for children and young people

There is an urgent need to increase the visibility and prevalence of children’s experiences of family violence, raise awareness about the profound impacts that can result from their exposure to family violence, incorporate children’s expertise in the form of lived experience in shaping policy and practice, and develop systemic, evidence-informed models and approaches to support children and young people in their time of need, which may be life-long.

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Project: These are our kids

At FMF, we are proud to support this new project that has been developed and launched by the Centre for Excellence in Child & Family Welfare. The initiative aims to raise community awareness about the prevalence and impact of family violence on children.

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