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A results driven business that has been developed to share insights and facilitate positive change within organisations.

With accomplished leadership, strong drive, and powerful history in building high performing teams with purpose, GKM is involved in many initiatives that deliver change and results within diverse markets and cultures.

GKM Group has been acknowledged with multiple industry awards and has a proven track record in revolutionising industries and executing strategies that have resulted in sustainable business growth and profit.

About Us

GKM was formed by Gabby Montagnese, a highly accomplished leader with an excellent track record in developing and executing strategies and driving positive change in business and in the community.

Her all-embracing knowledge of marketing, acquisitions, IT, investments, property development, and start-up businesses has seen her seated on several boards, (paid and voluntary) undertaking multiple respected roles in industry, and building strong, collaborative teams who have led their organisations to sustainable business growth and profit improvement.

Her commitment to making a positive impact on society is evident, most significantly through the establishment of ‘The Frank Montagnese Family Foundation’, to honour the wonderful life and legacy of her late father. Gabby is a widely respected and celebrated figurehead in the community and industry who uses her own accomplished life to help inspire and support others.

 As a savvy entrepreneur and strategist, Gabby leads the GKM board of advisors who bring a broad spectrum of skills to the table, that also come with many years of experience across multiple industries.

Gabby Montagnese


Frank Montagnese


GKM Group Director, Gabby Montagnese, established The Frank Montagnese
Foundation, to honour the wonderful life and legacy of her late father. His kind, loving and generous nature provides the vision and inspiration for the Foundation to create a
world in which all people feel safe, happy, healthy and able to reach their full potential.

The Foundation Invests in preventative programs and initiatives for healthy relationships and provides funding for a multitude of programs including Lung cancer research, mental health, kid’s programs, homelessness and sporting programs. These contributions embrace and support the Foundation goals of supporting the community by:

These goals align with the GKM Group values of trust, courage and respect that are vital to the integrity of our foundation.

Organisations we are proud to support

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Business Initiatives

In addition to philanthropy, GKM Group is involved in diverse projects and business initiatives, including business advisory, investments, board appointments, coaching and mentoring, strategy and advice, support for start-ups and on-going growth strategies for selected organisations.

We are open to new business ventures and partnership oportunities. If you have a proposal or initiative that aligns with our values, contact us via the link below.

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